OSC Series

OSC series are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, including those found in the highly abrasive waters of construction, aggregate, and mining dewatering. Versatility is increased as each pump model has the capability of easily converting between high head and high volume performance with a simple change of the impeller and wear plate.

OSC Series Features

  • Discharge sizes from 2-6 inches and horsepower range from 2-20 hp.
  • Utilizes 2-pole, 3600 rpm motors to achieve higher heads.
  • High pressure rated mechanical seals are isolated to provide superior motor protection.
  • Rugged cast iron construction.
  • Pressure relief ports and exclusive oil lifter extend mechanical seal life, eliminating premature wear and failure in high head operations.
  • Internal thermal motor protection.
  • Anti-wicking cable entrance.

OSC Higher Series

The OSC Higher series is a submersible three-phase cast iron high volume heavy-duty drainage pump driven by a 4-pole motor. The cast iron body, combined with the low speed motor, presents extra durability for use in the most demanding conditions. The top discharge, side flow design assures efficient motor cooling even when it operates with its motor exposed to air.*

OSC Series Brochure

· Capacity: up to 390m³/h
· Head: up to 130m
· Power range: 55 to 75kW
· Voltage supply:
Three phase: 415V, 50Hz
Three phase: 440V, 60Hz
· Star delta
· Pump casing: Steel
· Semi-Open impeller: High Chrome Alloy
· Water temperature: up to 40°C
· Cable length: 20m

· Construction sites
· Sewage by-pass
· Infrastructure
· Tunneling
· Flood control
· Dredging
· Stone cutting
· Irrigations
· Open quarries
· Rescue pumping
· Fire fighting

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