KSS Series

Compact design, high performance and exceptional durability for handling abrasive liquid, widely used in general construction and civil engineering.
The body of motor and pump is made of rigid cast iron or stainless steel for long-lasting durability. Greatly increased maximum submersion depth due to mechanical seal resistant to high pressure. Semi-open impeller made of high chrome alloy match with wearable plate (ductile iron) achieves superior durability.
Effective motor cooling due to discharge channel cast as part of the motor housing.
Discharge 50mm(2″) to 150mm(6″) motor 0.25kW(0.35HP) to 11kW (15HP).
Hermetically sealed motor equipped build-in thermal protection.

KSS Series Brochure

· Capacity: up to 150m³/h
· Head: up to 50m
· Power range: 0.25 to 11kW
· Voltage supply:
Three phase: 400V, 50Hz
Three phase: 440V, 60Hz
Single phase: 220V, 50Hz
Single phase: 220V, 60Hz
· Direct on line starter (standard)
· Pump casing: AlSI304SS
· Semi-Open impeller: AlSI304SS
· Water temperature: up to 40°C
· Cable length: 15m

· Civil Engineering
· Mines, quarries, coal ore & slurries
· Sewage treatment plants
· General pumping purposes

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